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In pursuit of life’s purpose: Are you willing to step up?

Find purpose. Sounds a bit daunting, doesn't is? What if it is about purpose finding you, rather than you search for it?

When it comes to addressing life purpose, people's reactions are very distinct.

Some people look clueless when asked about their purpose in life. Some of them do not even understand the point. They never really thought about it and soon after it will be as if it never crossed their mind. I can't say if they are lucky or not, it all depends on how you look at it. True that they live careless, not wasting any energy on self-doubt, fears, or on deconstructing self-confirming beliefs. On the other hand, they live far away from fulfilling their potential and finding out what it feels like to make a life, instead of just making a living.

Then there are those who feel intimated and scared when you asked them about what truly makes their soul whole. Despite knowing that there is something meaningful buried somewhere deep inside, they are not ready to navigate uncharted waters. Ignoring is their best weapon against that uncomfortableness sneaking once in a while. There are high chances that this restlessness will catch up to them which may develop into feelings around guilt and failure.

For others, life’s purpose is undeniable. They are certain of their place on earth being connected to something bigger than themselves. There are feelings of emptiness and unease whenever they start stepping further away from their purpose, even when they are still trying to figure it out.

The inner struggle is heavy, though inevitable. They can no longer deny its existence, nor look the other way around. If only they knew that the way through is trusting, giving in, taking that leap of faith...what is apparently easier for those who are already living their purpose - at least for the ones looking from the outside.

This is how we reach the last group of individuals who are indeed faithful to their soul's calling. Not only do they know already that they are here in this world with a purpose, but they are also living their life’s mission every day. We rarely come across these people, usually because we are absorbed in our own reality, out of sync with this higher power or energy that connects us all. However, when we have the privilege to cross paths, it becomes crystal clear why they are at peace with themselves and with the world. And it is not because they are special, enlightened beings and the rest of us are not. What makes them unique is that have embraced their purpose enabling them to make a life, rather than make a living. They know what they are here to do, so they do it.

Being in alignment with your authentic self, living an intentional and purposeful life, has a bunch of advantages as you can imagine. It makes life lighter, more fun, more forgiving and less negative. Above all, it encourages growth both on an individual as well as collective levels, making us more connected to each other.

Wouldn’t you wish to fulfill your potential through your purpose in life? Sure, I want to know their secret! – you may be wondering. I believe that it is less of a secret, and more of a mindset shift. You must stop running around, quit spinning on that hamster wheel, and finally dim the outer noise and listen to your inner voice. When you do, then trust what you hear and do not lose one more second to step into the journey that is your life's purpose.

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