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Season 2 is back!


Dialogues among coaches

Image by John Schnobrich
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4 coaches, 4 nationalities, joining hands with one goal: Support non-German female professionals and other expats to find your value and your place in Germany in uncertain times 


Founder of

Red Koi Coaching

Internal Coach & Trainer/ PMO


15+ years of marketing & consulting experiences across industries and countries. ICF Accredited Coach, Trained Gallup CliftonStrength Coach, Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator.

Everyone is an unique being, has their unique talents & strengths.
Life is about experiences, every experience shapes us.

Desi pic.jpg

Senior Agent & Coach


An ORSC™ trained coach, marketeer, change agent and an artist. An interdisciplinary coach passionate about using both externally- and internally-driven changes as tools for growth.

What I love about coaching is it's active, not reactive. You're empowered to intentionally craft your own vision and grow towards who you want to become.


Founder of


Unlocking Team Potential


Her mission is to facilitate long-lasting change in individuals and organizations, as well as achieve their goals faster than on their own.

I believe that when people have their needed environment they can thrive.

We have been experiencing a whole new level of uncertainty. This sense of uncertainty may be stronger for professionals living outside their home country, and women who are balancing between career and family or transitioning between stages of their lives.

About the series
Image by Ian Schneider

Episode 1

Welcome to Uncertainty

September 17th 2020

Where does my future lie? What is in my hands to shape?

Sharing their personal stories on how they have been reinventing themselves while living in Germany.

Looking into challenges, questions and how to reinvent oneself during times of uncertainty.

Episode 2

Find your Building Blocks

October 28th 2020

What to build on? How to get started or take the next step? What should the next step be?

Knowing personal values, identifying transferable skills, building resilience, taking action.

Focusing on first and next steps, never having to start from scratch.

Episode 3

Look Back and Look Forward

December 16th 2020

How have you been reinventing yourself throughout the year? What is your biggest learning? What would you like to keep and what kind of new gift would you like to unwrap?

Looking back and forward, leaving with rich tools and questions for mindful reflection and goal setting.

Episode 4

Curvy Career


February 10th 2021

What triggered your career change? What steps did you take in the transition? Can career be planned? Is it path or paths, vertical or lateral?

Exchanging stories, leaving with rich perspective and resources on career planning and building (a) purpose-driven career path(s).

Episode 5
Chief Mother Officer
March 24th 2021

How do we look at the different hats we wear? What emotions and perceptions are attached to these hats?

Supporting work-from-home moms and other professionals to create a more balanced work-life reality by sharing hacks and tricks to juggle multiple hats.

Episode 6
Identity in Transition
May 26th 2021

Is identity fixed or fluid? How do we transition from one phase to another? How do we stay true to ourselves?

Adapting and growing as a community while sharing our transition journeys from who we are toward who we want to become.

Season 1: Episodes
Season 2: Episodes
Image by Providence Doucet

Episode 1
Nowhere? Nowhere!
September 16th 2021

How can we navigate uncertainty and still enjoy the ride? How does being in the now help us plan for the future'

In this new episode of season 2, we talk about challenges and coping strategies to focus on the present, as well as tools to better plan for the future.

Episode 2
Resilience in Uncertainty
December 9th 2021

How do we bounce back from uncertainty? How do we regain hope, joy, confidence, while facing adversity?

Setbacks, major life changes, or the uncertainty of the future can take a great toll on us. Sharing stories, tactics and tools to train our resilience muscle.

Image by Matt Botsford
The Reinvent Yourself Podcast


and listen to 4 fellow coaches from different nationalities and diverse background talking openly about the challenges of dealing with uncertainty and how to reinvent oneself while living abroad.

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