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How is resilience part of the life flow?

I remember as if it were yesterday sitting on the u-bahn from Hauptbahnhof to Gerlingen. Next to me were my husband and a whole lot of luggage, rain pouring down the window. This was when we moved to Germany back in 2016. We rode until almost the end of U6 line to reach our destination. A hotel where we would be lodged for one month before we moved in into our apartment.


A mix of excitement and anxiety inhabited my chest. Truth is that new adventures were always my gist. Meeting new people, being in contact with different cultures, exchange experiences and gather knowledge.


Despite this attraction for novelty, dealing with change is never a one-sided story. Stepping outside our comfort zone involves being confronted with our own fears, self-limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns.


Putting it into a picture, imagine an iceberg colliding with a huge ship (yes, much like Titanic!). The iceberg will not disintegrate, but it will shake and lose a couple of pieces. Same happens when we go through change. Our core will remain intact - if we have nurtured it thus far - though we will inevitably lose parts of ourselves and will not come out the same person we were.


There is a breaking point where we either emerge as this transformed more resilient self, or we get stuck in between who we once were and who we have become.


Fast forward seven years, these changes may seem a walk in the park. I am still myself, despite having grown and evolved into a better me - or at least this is what I believe.


In a nutshell, I have learned a new language and met a bunch of different people. I have started a completely new job and ended up with more know-how and responsibilities. I have become a mother, twice. I have been away from my family while I built my new family. I went through Covid and a handful of cancelled trips. I have made beautiful memories through laughs and tears. I have overcome challenges and fears. I have eventually moved back home.


Building resilience is a never-ending journey. Whenever a challenge has been conquered, another one is already asking to be tackled. After all, our growth depends on it. Often, we take for granted the changes we have been through. We underestimate these changes diminishing ourselves in the process.


Resilience is a superpower to be recognized and nurtured. In times of uncertainty and transformation, we will be put to the test and once again we are given the opportunity to embrace and expand our resilient self. Which, by the way, is an add-value trait in any role you play in your life.



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