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Guide you through your transformational journey, helping you achieve your version of success and live up to your truest authentic self.


I am a coach, an HR professional, a wife, a mother of two.

Since12 I wanted to help every single soul who would cross my way. Struggling as a typical girl on her teens I strongly empathized with anyone going through an identity crisis. This led me to a Psychology Masters where I lived the dream being a psychotherapist for a while.

Life’s twists and turns drove me into unexpected directions. For a few years I have held different job positions from a psychotherapist practitioner to teaching and babysitting gigs, from being a waitress on the other side of the Atlantic to a job in HR in a multinational company leading me eventually to live abroad in Germany.

For a while I struggled to find my way, always knowing that people were my true passion. In 2019, just a few months after my son was born, I decided to attend a Coaching Training to become an ICF certified coach. In 2020 I have launched my coaching business primarily focused on personal development. I still keep my HR IT job where I get to develop and expand my coaching skills as well being a coach at the company.

My dream is to quit my HR job and be my own boss. Until then, I invest every bit of my free time in developing my coaching business and doing what I am passionate about. My mission as a coach is to help you while going through your life transitions by accepting your truest, most authentic self and living life to your fullest potential.

Purpose, passion, meaning, spark. You name it. Coaching opens the door to explore your current reality with a different set of lenses. Going through this journey, you get to decide here and now how to live your life being the best version of yourself.


I am Diana Toscano


8 Facts that make me who I am


Driving makes me nervous as hell! Instead I gladly sit on the train or subway and enjoy a good reading.


Love singing, I have a husky voice though. Let me just stick to the lullabies I sing every night to my baby boy.


Always wanted to be a Mom since I remember. My most loved title of all times!


One of my many dreams is to write an historical novel. It is bound to happen eventually, I’m pretty sure!



TV shows and movies are kind of my thing. From tears to laughter I can binge watch like a maniac!


Hearing someone mention career path used to make me cringe. Now I look at my path so far and feel proud of my own story line.


I am deadly afraid of heights…though never miss the chance to enjoy a breathtaking view from a rooftop.


Can’t say I have any regrets, whatever I did or went through made me who I am today.

Accepting yourself for who you are is the first step toward a balanced and fulfilled life.



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