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Stay with the flow, go with the flow, be the flow

I am not going to lie. I have a hard time going with the flow. One more reason to choose it as my motto for 2024. After all, the idea is to keep challenging ourselves outside our comfort zone. Only then we can experience real transformation. If you feel also uncomfortable with letting things flow, join me on this quest toward expansion and personal growth.

2023 was all about connection. I have returned home after 6 years living abroad and took my time to reconnect to my roots. It was a year dedicated to the renewal of my connection to my homeland, my culture, my family, my friends. It is not the same place as when I left, but neither am I. Life kept moving forward even in my absence, the same way I evolved into a new me.

It was a year of (re)connection to my parenting role in my own country. Connecting to my children while they got used to this new reality. Reconnecting to my mom who is now a part of our daily life. Connecting to other parents and their parenting styles influenced by the Portuguese culture (different in so many ways from the German culture).

It was also a year of (re)connection to my husband as a wife and a woman. Suddenly it was not just the two of us anymore. We had more support, hence more time to ourselves. Which also meant more time to get in touch with thoughts and feelings that were somehow buried inside each of us. Reconnecting to one another has been our focus in the last months and it'll keep being our priority this year.

I could have chosen another word for 2024, but I picked FLOW as it represents a challenge. An opportunity to rise above. What do I mean with flow being my motto? Well, flow makes me think of movement, easiness, lightness. What I wish for my 2024 is to dive gently into the different challenges and to move with ease along the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Due to my proactiveness and need for order and control, it is often difficult for me to go with the flow. However, if there is a lesson I learned is that we control nothing in this life. Control is just an illusion, a story we tell ourselves to feel less vulnerable. What we can do is influence the outcome, either in a more positive or negative note. After having spent the last year (re)connecting deeply to myself as well as to others around me, now it is time to let that connection flow naturally. Let things follow their course, let thoughts and feelings flow into their place, let the energy of the universe flow from and into me.

By the way, I don't know about you but for me January always had a kind of weird effect on me. I am not sure if it is the end of the blissful holiday season, or the crazy intake of greasy food and alcohol, or the fear of the unknown. Whatever it may be, I decided to put an end to it and believe that this first month of the year will be amazing.

Going with the flow from day 1 already led me to an erotic massage, a jump into the pool, an intense body stretch, tight hugs, and some great laughs. Can't wait to see what this new flow will bring for the next days and months!



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