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Forgiveness: How to forgive others?

You’re probably looking at the title and wondering how come this week’s theme is again about forgiveness. Quick answer: This is our third and last pair of lenses on the matter. We’ve explored the importance of starting by forgiving ourselves as beings in constant growth, then asking for forgiveness as the imperfect humans we are. Offering our forgiveness is the ultimate step.

Now and again other people’s attitudes and actions harm us. Their behavior - purposely or not - make us feel small, angry, resentful. We usually feel hurt in the beginning and as time goes by pride and resentment overpower the emotions’ stage. Perhaps we no longer remember what was all about, though our brain grabs onto the hurtful until only a bitter emotional memory remains. From that moment onwards, we feel we’re entitled to an apology that might never come. We then linger onto this emotional hiatus while our connection to ourselves and to others weakens. What would take to offer your forgiveness? What would happen within you if you just forgive?

AWARENESS. How have I been feeling lately in my interactions? Maybe it helps to focus on someone who hurt you and ask yourself how have you been feeling and acting around that person. Are you willing to change that?

ACCEPTANCE. What’s preventing me to forgive? Take a moment to identify potential reasons – listen both to your mind and body – that might be blocking you to move forward. Remembering that we all make mistakes and accepting our imperfections might be useful.

RELEASE. What am I ready to let go of? Surrender to the relief and freedom that comes with forgiveness. When you feel up to it, free yourself from all burden by resetting your body, your mind, your spirit.

Forgiveness is love. Love is powerful and kind. Forgiving others allows you to be compassionate to yourself and to others. Can you imagine for a second how would that feel like? Forgiving and being forgiven is sometimes harder than it looks, though the freedom it poses is invaluable.

It’s of utmost importance that you start by forgiving yourself, as you acknowledge and accept not only your imperfections, but also your strengths – your ability to forgive. Only then you’re ready to receive and offer true forgiveness. It is no longer about the heaviness you felt, rather the lightness you now feel.



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