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Forgiveness: How to forgive myself?

Forgiveness. Such a powerful word! If you were to think about it for a minute, what would come to mind?

Often, we’re way too harsh on ourselves, we’re incredibly critical of our own thoughts and actions. We refer to ourselves in a depreciative manner adding up to the pile of negative stories we tell ourselves. We linger over harmful thoughts and feelings whose impact on our well-being is everything but healthy.

Ergo, I dare asking: When was the last time you forgave yourself? What will happen if you do? What if you’d give permission to yourself to embrace these blameful feelings and then let go of them…?

AWARENESS. What is this heaviness I feel that I cannot get rid of? First step is to become aware of such toxic feelings and recognize the need to forgive yourself.

ACCEPTANCE. What’s the purpose of carrying blame and pain around? Then comes the time to accept that as a human being you make mistakes allowing yourself to redeem for those misjudgments.

RELEASE. What can I do to move on? When you feel ready, the last step is to let go of all blame and punishment embracing the relief that comes with it.

Forgiveness is about you, not others. It gives you the power to decide how do YOU want to move forward, getting YOU free of resentment and anger and allowing yourself to focus on what really matters. Is it as easy as it sounds? Not really, at least not at first…though it becomes more natural every time. Forgiveness must come from a place of good intentions and true acceptance. Wanting to forgive yourself is as much important as needing to, for your intent must be as strong as your commitment. I dare you to embrace the challenge, stay committed and forgive yourself.

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