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Transition to a new life: What do you need to change?

Our journey is never a straight line. Life’s twists and turns drive us often to unexpected places. Our decisions lead us sometimes down to a path different from what we once had in mind.

Have you ever found yourself on a path that no longer serves you and your purpose? At some point it made perfect sense to go down that road for numerous reasons, though not anymore. You know you need to do something about it, you realize that some serious changes need to take place. It is almost like a makeover. A transformation. My preferred term is transition.

Let us take a moment to look back before looking forward. Not to dwell on the past, rather to learn from it while we move ahead. Somewhere along the way you have made a turn that led you to where you find yourself today. Try not to get stuck to the reasons right now. Looking back, what can you take away from your experiences? What have you learned about yourself? Have you given it everything you had and still have not felt fulfilled? Have you perhaps felt you were far from reaching your potential? I truly encourage you to take the time to reflect. Get brutally honest with yourself.

Along your journey you learn, you grow, you evolve. Your purpose does not have to be crystallized for eternity. It means it is time to change courses. It is time to realign your mission. It is time to transition.

It might feel scary and overwhelming. What will other people think of me? Will they see me as a loser? Does it mean I am a failure? Though being completely humanely, these thoughts will cloud your mind and your judgement. They will lead to paralysis if you let them. So don’t. Instead focus on what you have to change to transition to the new road ahead.

Easier said than done – you might be thinking. True! But let’s get real: Changes are never easy. Transitions require time, commitment, discipline and determination.

Time: You must take time to ask yourself the tough questions and listen to your own answers. It is helpful to write down your thoughts, ideas, doubts, fears. Also, give time to yourself. Do not rush, own your rhythm. Transitions take their time.

Commitment: Do not leave a job half done, above all when it comes to fulfill your dreams. Commit to your purpose, give it everything you got. And keep going, keep doing the work even - and especially - when it gets tough, because it will.

Discipline: Here is where the habits come in. Create new habits and practice them consistently until they become part of who you are. Be proactive, define your priorities and set clear boundaries, practice positive thinking, choose a win-win mindset.

Determination: Be brave. Be bold. Do what you have never done before. Explore new ways of thinking and being, free yourself from your limiting beliefs. Focus on your strengths and feed yourself from the power within.

Transitioning to a new life is quite challenging. You know that already. But what would be the alternative? Stay where you no longer want to be or set foot on a new exhilarating journey? The one that you are truly passionate about.

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