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The Power of Connection: How to connect your way to a new job

Changing jobs is a nightmare for some whereas an opportunity for others. Some thrive when changing careers, while others shrink only by the thought of it.

How come does it feel so frightening to change jobs for some? While others see it as an obvious next step? Why is changing careers seen as an impossibility for some people? While for others it is the beginning of an adventure?

I'd say that uncomfortableness is an underneath feature in both cases. After all we are talking about change. And change is always about getting outside your comfort zone.

What may be a differentiating factor is how you perceive change and how it determines your actions. One may say it is less about the job and more about the person.

Throughout many interviews I did - both as an interviewee and interviewer - one thing became clear to me. Either you believe in yourself, or you don't.

Apart from the incredible skills you have and the talent you possess, it is about the story you tell. Your story. How did you get here? What makes you who you are? Why are you the right person for that job? These questions are also valid if you are starting your own business. In other words, you have to know who you are. And who you are is way more than what you have accomplished throughout your professional life.

Perhaps the reason you are scared to apply to that dream job or to start a new venture by yourself is not related to the skills you have. Rather the fear holding you back from being who you are.

You have been doing what you do for as long as you remember. Or maybe you have been unemployed for the past years. Regardless of where you find yourself right now, one thing is certain – you have to get outside your comfort zone. You have to reconnect to your purpose.

Do you really want to miss out on great opportunities and not live up to your potential? If your professional situation does not bring you purpose, joy, motivation, appreciation; why stay?

I get it! You have bills to pay, mouths to feed, holidays you want to enjoy. But is it a total lack of connection the price to pay? It does not have to be. You can feel connected to a job again. Not to any job though, rather one that suits your needs and expands your potential.

Let's take a look at the following points hoping to inspire you to seek for the connection you deserve in your professional life.

1. Connect to what you are passionate about: Start simple! Do a list of things and activities you enjoy doing. In a second step, look at each one of those points and check its feasibility for a potential job or career. Does what you like doing involve serving others? Is it something you can do on your own? Do you have the expertise, or do you need to develop it still? Did you see this opportunity somewhere or is it a complete novelty? Often, we designate as 'hobbies' what we enjoy doing. But sometimes it turns out to be much more, you just need to see it from a different perspective.

2. Connect to your story: When going to an interview for a job or pitching your business ideas to potential investors, you need to have a story. Your story! People want to know who you are and what can you do for or with them. So, who are you? How do you describe yourself? Can you narrate your professional experiences in an engaging and personal way? You can feel a bit phony in the first rounds but keep practicing and soon it will come as a second nature. Do not see it as 'selling' yourself, rather telling your truth.

3. Connect to other people: Networking is an essential part of social as well as professional life. Invite people you always thought of connecting with to your social network. Look for people with experience in your area of interest. Find someone who can act as your mentor and who can guide you and give you advice while you develop your skills and prepare for the upcoming challenges. Expanding your social network is an advantage to your future endeavors.

CONNECTION. So powerful and yet avoided or not well explored by many of us. When you feel connected to yourself and what you are passionate about, to other people, to the world around you, changing jobs or switching careers feels less scary and lonely.



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