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Summer break: Reconnecting to myself through my kids

This summer has been all about reconnection. Reconnecting to myself through my kids. I am a mom. Not a stay-at-home mom, but a working mom which is easier in a way. So, first and foremost, a special kudos to all the staying-at-home moms out there. You are real heroes! Working moms - myself included- complain about how exhausting it is to care for the kids after a long workday. And yes, we lack the patience they deserve, even though it is not their fault. A mom (or dad) who stays all day long with their child - or children - has the job cut out for them. It is both mentally and physically demanding. In a world where we disconnect mind and body more and more, spending a couple of days in a row with our kids is challenging. Let alone an entire year! On the other hand, it is extremely rewarding and magical. Seeing those cute little faces first thing in the morning calling out for you melts even the coldest of hearts. They are incredibly dependent on us when babies (especially compared with animal cubs), while also trying to ascertain their independence from an early age. I have spent the past entire month with my 4-year-old son and my 18-month-old daughter. They fight and make up all in 5 minutes. In one moment, they are best friends, playing and laughing together to be yelling and crying only one moment after. My husband has been working mostly all Summer, which meant a lot of hours to fill in with adventures and activities for the three of us. In between sandcastles, high speed swings, ice creams, tantrums, and car rides, we enjoyed the summer leftovers until the last ray of sunlight. Despite ending the day utterly worn out, spending quality time with them, watching them develop and grow was a privilege. One cannot put a price tag on that!

Among different roles I play, being a mom is one of them. One of the most important and fulfilling. This summer has been an opportunity to reconnect to myself through the caring and loving mom I know I am. I say this with humbleness, perfectly aware that this is not how I feel and behave sometimes. More often that we would like to admit, time, stress, worries, expectations get in between of our love for our kids.

Though enjoy being a working mom, I am grateful for having been reminded of how much of the energy and determination that I put into my work, comes indeed from the love I carry for - and from - my children. Reconnecting with them from a place of authenticity and freedom, allowed me to reconnect to myself and my aliveness.

I am proud of myself as a mom - something I do not say aloud often enough. Always focusing more on what I could have done better, rather than recognizing my parenting conquers.

I am proud of my kids for being these amazing, curious, sensitive little creatures. Who despite making my eyes roll and my body twitch, also blow up my mind every single day by being true to themselves.

How have you reconnected to yourself this summer?



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