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Navigating your libido from inside out

"I used to have much more sex in my young adulthood. Sex was better when I was younger. I had more pleasure back then. Sex is not that important."

If these represent some of your thoughts, let us use today's dialogue to talk through them and demystify them.

Sex is a pivotal part of a romantic relationship and should never be a taboo. As a couple, the two have to be able to talk openly about their needs, desires, fantasies without feeling ashamed or judged.

As animals we sure have our sexual impulses. Despite how much we may push them down, they are there. They are part of us. It is natural to feel attracted to other people, or to feel aroused when watching a sex scene in a movie.

But we are not just animals. We are also beings with our own sexual identity. Our sexuality is not only what sex means to us, but rather how we connect to our libido. This libido - psychic energy - that we experience in an intimate relationship, is the same energy that drives us into the world.

When in bed with your partner, you have the opportunity to express your libido in the most raw and authentic manner. In these moments, you show yourself to one another. No layers, no masks. By making love and by having sex.

Laying naked in front of each other, you are experiencing your most vulnerable self. You trust yourself as much as you trust your partner in this loving and sexual exchange.

By giving in fully - body, soul, spirit - you go beyond pleasure. You reach climax. Wouldn't this be an experience to repeat over and over again, every chance you get? Why aren't you doing it then?

Often we let the routine get in the way. Sometimes we let our fears or our prude side interfere. By doing so, you are denying yourself the fulfillment of your needs, of your pleasure.

Moreover, you are hindering your libido from manifesting itself fully, not only in your intimate relationships but also into the outside world.

Next time you are making love and having sex with your partner, just surrender to your libido. Connect to your psychic energy and give in. Let this burst of passionate energy inspire and empower you from the inside out.



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