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How do I become the leader I want to be?

Lately everyone talks about leadership and how to become a great leader by strengthening one’s skills. It is THE trending hot topic of the century. Everywhere there are trainings being offered, book recommendations, tips from famous worldwide entrepreneurs and executives. Still, being a leader is a role Man embodies since the beginning of humankind. It is somehow linked to human nature expressing a way to survive and move forward. So, what’s novel and appealing about nowadays concept of leadership?

One may argue that times have changed, that the world we live in today is increasingly more complex and layered, more informational and technological than it once was. A world demanding a different set of skills in order to evolve and grow. A society craving for distinguished behaviors and attitudes fitting into modern’s business reality. All true! Yet I dare asking: What’s the core issue at hand? Have you asked yourself: “In my daily life what kind of leader am I?”. You do not necessarily need to be immersed in the business world or dealing with teams to answer this question. You are in charge of your life; you make decisions every single day. That alone makes you a leader.

Thereupon, when faced with questions such as “How do I position myself as leader?”, “How do I become a better leader?”, “How will I acquire such leadership skills?”, “How will others perceive me in my leading role?”; try to take a look inwards and connect with your inner leader. Lead your business and your people following the same values and beliefs you lead your life. Being the leader you want to be takes courage and strength. Courage to acknowledge your boundaries and accept yourself for it. Strength to keep expanding your horizons and be open to transformation. There will be days where you will possibly second-guess yourself, as we usually do during times of change. Welcome it as a sign of growth and take the next step to adapt and evolve as the leader you are meant to be.

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