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Finding your life purpose: What is the secret behind?

Here we are talking about purpose. If you find yourself shivering just by the thought of it, I invite you to keep reading and be open to what you may find out.

Friends, colleagues, clients often tell me I have no clue what my purpose in life is, or even, I do not see myself passionate for something I could do for the rest of my life. It sounds quite daunting does it not? Somewhere along the way, we convinced ourselves that purpose is a scary word with heavy implications, until it becomes a burden we want desperately to get rid of.

For some weird reason, people have a tendency to feel more comfortable remaining at a stable and boring job they load, than to openly explore their passion and purpose. Some of you may even think it is indeed a waste of time to indulge oneself in these thoughts or conversations. What good can come out of it if I have no clue what I am passionate about?!

While some of you have perhaps felt touched and inspired by someone describing their job or hobby. Probably envying that person and their sense of clarity and direction, when simultaneously getting curious and driven to some discovery of your own. YOU are that person already! You just do not see yourself from those lenses yet. Something is missing…is it purpose though? Or is it something more concrete, something to keep you from derailing yourself or finding excuses not to follow through?

Let us start by deconstructing Purpose. If we go by the more classical definition, purpose is “the reason for which something exists or is done”. Sounds quite profound and even philosophical, but let us go a bit further. Also by definition purpose is “an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal” driven by determination, resoluteness. And when used as a verb it means “to intend, to design”. In other words, we could say that purpose is what drives us to design our life in the direction of our desired goals.

If we take a closer look at what purpose is all about:

1. It starts with the small stuff: Notice what you enjoy doing and how you like to do it, even – and especially – the small things. Look beyond the obvious and take these clues with you.

2. It is about what you love: Pay attention to the things and people you love, what draws you toward it or them. Listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.

3. It comes likely natural to you: You have it in you. Your life purpose is meant for you, it is designed to fit who you are. You may even need to develop your skills on certain matters, but the essence is you.

4. It does not have to be a career: This is important! Consider all areas of your life, including your career but not liming yourself to it. There is much to life than a career and your purpose may present itself in different ways.

5. You will figure it out as you go: Finding your life purpose is a journey. It is not something you cross out from your ‘to do list’. While you grow and change, you will learn more about yourself and what matters the most.

6. It implies taking action: Keep moving forward, taking small steps. Purpose is about what you do every single day, what you do with your time that is important, each action you take to make that purpose more clear and tangible.

Do not let yourself be intimated by your own or other people’s assumptions about purpose. Break it down to small pieces if needed. And remember that it is not about a huge shiny statement. What is the secret after all? It is about feeling connected and alive while you move forward in the direction of the life you want to live - a fulfilling and purposeful life. It is about looking back at the end of your life and know it mattered; that you lived life on your terms and left your mark in the world.



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