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During confinement: What are you learning from it?

For the last few weeks – which for the most feel like an eternity – discussions, news, forums everywhere have focused on the current situation, while we remain at home trying to grasp a bit of hope to keep our sanity.

During this confinement period you might have experienced a myriad of emotions. Perhaps you started by feeling a bit sceptic about the whole situation believing that it’d be solved by itself in a couple of days. As time went by whilst the news and figures escalated, confusion and panic emerged. As dealing with all these changes was not enough on your plate already, you still had to manage your daily routine in an unfamiliar environment. While juggling the new dynamics and trying to make sense of what’s happening worldwide, your brain being overwhelmed with information and your body trying to catch up with your mind. Feeling tired, lacking energy and motivation is only natural. ‘If I could only go back to my normal life’ - you start wondering, feeling isolated and angry.

Taking a closer look to the scenario all seems quite messy to a point of non-return. And perhaps that’s the whole point: There’s no going back. At least to where you were before. So, I dare asking: What are you taking from this experience? What are you learning about yourself?

Now and again we need to be reminded of what we are capable of, find out where our strengths lie amid chaos and uncertainty. Take the time to reconnect with ourselves, listen to our needs and redefine our goals. How often do we tell ourselves we’ll work on our priorities, to later fill our heads with excuses when we don’t keep that promise? And whose trust are we breaking but our own.

So, it is time to get real with yourself. A chance to be honest by taking a deeper look at your needs, your emotions, your self-awareness. If you’d come out as a better version of yourself, how would that look like? What are you willing to leave behind and what are you ready to put right into action? Adverse experiences often bring learnings hard to overlook, you just need to pay attention and listen to yourself.



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