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Core Values: How do they influence our lives?

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about core values. What are core values after all? They are principles or beliefs that we as human beings perceive as of utmost importance, the pillars of our own existence and individuality.

Let me give you an example. You’re talking to a friend or someone you know, and you disagree with what is being said. You keep silent and afterwards you feel annoyed or embarrassed with yourself. Have you taken a minute to ask yourself why do you feel that way? Perhaps you value honesty and saying what you think and believe in, it is extremely important to you.

Core values are something we carry within and that accompany our behaviors and decisions. Core values are present when we’re talking to our partner, teaching our children, listening to our friends, learning from our peers. Most importantly, core values are there when we make our choices, small or large. They are called personal values as they are distinct from person to person; they reflect our own internal experiences. We cannot just get rid of them when they make us feel uncomfortable or inadequate. Ignoring them can prove to be hopeless as they will not go away or diminish their influence in our lives.

So, how can you make sure you live up to your values? What can you do to see your values in action in your daily life? First step would be to recognize your core values. Go ahead and list those values which speak directly to your heart, to who you are. Take a moment to visualize them – mentally or in written – before you share them with the ones surrounding you. The next step is to make them part of your routine through your communication and relationship with others. Make them speak through your needs and goals. And celebrate them throughout your achievements.

Above all, do not be ashamed of your core values, albeit be aware of what they tell you about yourself. Likewise, do not be judgmental of others’ core values, take it as a learning opportunity instead.



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