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Chaos all around: How to deal with uncertainty?

Once in a while the world around hit us unexpectedly harsh. No matter how big the crisis is or how long it will last, it usually makes us feel quite small. Adversity allied with the unknown make us vulnerable and for most of us this is hard to deal with. ‘How come’, you may wonder? During times like this we tend to feel powerless and easily spin out of control. The outside chaos prompts such an inner turmoil that our only answer seems to be ‘fight or flight’.

What does it mean to remain on this mode? Our energies are spent trying to control our bodily and emotional responses to stress which in the long run generates more anxiety and lack of control. Nonetheless, it is still a natural human behavior in the face of adversity. So, how to deal with all this uncertainty? How to make sure the outside tumult does not crush our inner world turning it into pieces? How do we stay robust for our sake and for others we care for?

We take care of ourselves. We listen even more attentively to our bodies, to our thoughts, to our assumptions. We turn these moments into time and space for ourselves. We use the silence around to deeply listen to our needs and wants. Is it easy? Most certainly not, especially due to the noise we are used to coming from all around. Is it worth a try? Answering with a question: What do we have to lose? Uncertainty does not have to be scary or threatening, depending on the set of lenses we are using. In times of crisis our true Self reveals itself, if we let it. And by embracing it, we are making ourselves stronger and most likely moving one step closer to be our best Self.

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