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Change: Is it always for the best?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you start second guessing your decisions? You are no longer satisfied at your job, so you start thinking about finding a new one. Or you are fed up with your current apartment and decide it’s time to move out. This could even mean moving to another town or city including moving away from family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. You decided to take these actions for a reason, though suddenly your start asking yourself what the real reason after all was. What triggered the need for change? Is it really novelty you are looking for or are you running away from something?

Now and then all of us need a change of scenario. Could be a new job opportunity, enrolling in a sportive activity, joining a cooking class, moving into a new apartment, starting a training, trying a new hairdo. Whatever it is, the main goal should be to make you feel connected to yourself, to move you forward towards your best self. So, is it a thrilling yet nervous feeling what’s moving you? Or is it more a restless edgy sensation? And if you’d acknowledge this feeling within you where exactly do you feel it? And what is it telling you about yourself?

Change involves most of the time a certain level of discomfort. Getting out of your comfort zone into unknown territory takes courage. It is often felt as intimidating making us doubt ourselves more than we would like to. Does it mean that change is always for the best? Here is a question to which only you hold the answer. Is it the change you are looking for? Does it fit into your true intentions? How close it gets you to your best self? Then, embrace the change and own it. Else, free yourself from any judgment by acknowledging that perhaps is yet not the time for change. The time will come when you feel ready and you will know it in your gut.



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