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What should I do with my life?

Not only the title of a great book (by Po Bronson), as well as a question we often ask ourselves. Can you remember the last time you had such a thought? Could it be that you are waiting for the next career step, or you were recently dismissed from your job, or you quit and are looking for a new professional challenge. Could also happen that you are feeling less connected to your personal goals, including to yourself. You may have recently ended a romantic relationship or are facing a tough moment with someone you are close with.

No matter which transition you are going through, it can feel quite lonely and distressing. At the same time, being hit by such colossal question can feel even more overwhelming. Though it is indeed during these vulnerable times that our minds wonder without boundaries. They sense this emotional fissure and take their chance to get to us, almost as a snake slowly and naturally shedding its skin. Except that for most of us, this change feels unexpected and uncomfortable.

“What should I do with my life? How should I know? And how will I figure it out?”. Despite of feeling scary and intimidating, it is also powerful and transformational. It does not have to be a 360°C shift, though it means taking a deeper look at yourself. Below the surface, there is already a new skin forming. It is up to you to give it the shape and feel you want. For some people, drawing a plan A – and sometimes a plan B and C – is the right choice. Others need time to reflect and reconnect with their half-forgotten lifetime dream. Some of us are more into exploring different scenarios until finding the one that fits best. Regardless of your learning style, what matters is acknowledging the question as it emerges and go with the flow. Follow your gut and it will tell you more about yourself than you ever imagined.

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