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Self-discovery: A deep dive into your inner world

For the ones who know me or have been following me for the past couple of years, you know how personal development is a key element in my life. To be able to focus on other people's personal growth, I need to deep dive into my own development. From where I see it, there is no other way around.

This need to dig deeper and to understand the whys, whats and hows, is part of who I am since I can remember it. What led me to enroll into Psychology and Psychotherapy and more recently into Coaching. As part of my growth process, I have looked for the help of experts in different areas and in different life stages.

Each of us has a past, a childhood, a story. When going through life we want to carve our own pathway as a partner, a parent, a friend, a daughter or son, a sibling, a professional...and all that starts within ourselves. We must know ourselves; we must recognize our own voice. To be able to build our future, we owe it to ourselves to dig into our past. To give shape to a new pathway, we need to know the shape of the path we have walked so far.

Understanding the human psyche was always something that sparked my curiosity….and not by chance. Unconsciously, I guess I knew the weigh I was carrying from my childhood associated with my family dynamics. So, in my early twenties, I decided it was time to dig deeper and when I started by 3-year psychotherapeutic process.

Dwell into the specifics I will not. Especially because it is more about the journey and the experience, than it is about the content itself. And each therapeutic journey is unique. What I can tell you is that through pain and forgiveness, I learned how to nurture and protect my core self. This inner work allowed me to be the honest and authentic person I am today. It taught me the strength to keep moving forward despite the obstacles and challenges I faced. It empowered me to seek my own fate and speak my truth.

You may think damn, it sounds tough but great!, and I can tell you this was just the beginning. Committing to self-discovery is a long-lasting journey and I don’t believe it could be any different. Throughout our earthly experience, many are the life transitions we face. Each of these phases awakes an unconscious need to look deeper within. The earlier one begins this inward journey, the sooner one embraces these different parts of oneself.

I am heading to my next deep dive, committed to open my psyche to aspects I may have closed my eyes to in a first instance. After all, in each dive into our inner world, we bring with us more maturity and awareness hoping to gain more transparency, forgiveness and harmony.

Do not let your fear of the unknown, your uncomfortableness with your shadow self to hold you from getting to know yourself to the core. Following the dive, when reaching again to the surface, you will behold a new landscape. Step into your own path and live your story.



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