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Love: How do you let it in into your life?

Love. A word full of meaning. A feeling hard to quantify. I’ll not go into a philosophical dissertation nor will I embellish it in an everlasting narrative. Today I’d like to take a moment to celebrate Love and its importance in our everyday life.

Love can manifest itself in uncountable ways. Perhaps when thinking about Love, immediately you think of your partner, your parents, your children, your friends, your pets, your religion. There is indeed a myriad of sources for such powerful feeling, one could even say infinite sources. Love is often seen as an immense or unconditional sentiment filling our hearts with warmth and affection. It is often inferred that a life with love is a happier life. After all, who are we without Love? Where would we be?

During our busy routines we lose focus of what really matters to us…as human beings, as individuals, as part of a community, as part of a society. We easily replace good moments and positive emotions for unpleasant experiences and negative thoughts. We often hang on to resentment even when surrounded by people who love us and care about us.

Now, if you were to close your eyes and for a moment FEEL the Love. Not thinking about it or about the people or things you usually associate with it. Just FEEL IT. Feel the love surrounding you. Let the energy involve you and become part of you. How is it manifesting? What images come to mind? What sensations run through your body? If you were to capture this moment, how would you preserve it in your memory?

Love is undoubtedly a source of greater energy. So why not channel it into situations of negative emotional charge? You do not need to be standing in a crowd or being in love to feel it. Love can manifest itself through the simplest details or the most single moments. Look around you and start by acknowledging those little things that make you happy, healthy, joyful, alive, free. What is preventing you to feel them more often? How can you invite more of these positive emotions into your life? Inviting Love into your life is embracing the life you want to live and the person you want to be.



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