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Looking Forward: How do you achieve the life of your dreams?

We have now entered the last week of the year 2020. Relief or concern? Which of the two do you identify with most?

You may be experiencing relief for very good reasons. Perhaps you are leaving behind all considerable hardships these past months have brought upon you. You are relieved that the year is coming to an end, meaning no more struggling with the doubts and demands you have been dealing with so far. It is time to get closure and you are ready to let go of the heavy stuff.

If on the other hand concern is all you can feel, it is understandable. Not knowing what the upcoming year will bring after such chaos can be quite disheartening. Dealing with the unknown, feeling out of control is not something to overcome easily.

A mixture of both relief and concern is also possible. You are leaving this tough year behind, though worried about what the next one will bring. How can you leverage these emotions? How can you ensure that you make peace with whatever is left behind and embrace whatever is coming next?

After last week’s self-reflection on your accomplishments and learnings, now is time to look forward. To prepare yourself for what you want out of your life regardless of the unexpected challenges ahead. Despite of what is out of your control, you have more influence than you let yourself believe. What separates you from turning your dreams into reality and never see your dreams come true is YOU. You can make the difference is you start NOW.

This week I would like to share a simple but effective method to help you set your goals and reach the life you want for yourself.

BQS – Big. Small. Quick. – is a framework developed by David Van Rooy based upon the following 3 principles:

  • A goal is better than no goal.

  • A specific goal is better than a broad goal.

  • A hard and specific goal is better than an easy goal.

Having these guiding principles in mind, you go through the next three stages.

  1. Think Big: You do not want to sell yourself short when it comes to your dreams! Start by defining an ultimate goal, something big and/or significant you want to accomplish in the upcoming year or in the next 3-5 years.

  2. Act Small: Break it into small steps. Define concrete actions that will allow you to reach your goals or dream. Be as more specific as you can for each action.

  3. Move Quick: Now is time to establish deadlines. Take time to set a separate deadline for each action/ step. Stretch yourself! Do not look for perfection or right timing. Be bold.

At first glance, it can seem challenging or overwhelming. We are talking about your dreams though! Silence your critical inner voice and instead tune in into your inner hero. Let it remind you how much you already know about yourself and show you the way to your dreams. Deep down you know what you want; you know what makes you excited and eager to move forward.

Follow the method above or whatever helps you to set up your goals and, most important, act. No goal or dream will ever be reached if action never takes place.



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