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Inner Strength: How to take ownership of your hidden source?

Often we are led to think about our strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps you were asked in your last job interview or at a personal development workshop you recently attended. How is this relevant in your life? – You may wonder.

Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses shows how much you know about yourself. It implies self-reflection and a deep connection to your core Self. Playing to your strengths can benefit you in different areas of your life. It may help you getting the job you want or contribute to your current role. It has also a positive impact in your relationship with yourself and others, helping you to better deal with conflicts and emotions.

While recognizing your less strong features can serve as an indicator for improvement. At the same time, it provides a clear direction on where you need to focus your time and energy. Usually we have a tendency to obsess over our weaknesses, when instead we should dedicate more energy to what we are good at becoming even better. Your strengths are a reflection of your uniqueness.

It is indeed about this uniqueness that I would like to focus on this week’s theme. Apart from all your strengths and weaknesses – which you can look into throughout a myriad of available tools and methods – there is something deeper, more connected to whom you are which is worth to explore. I am talking about your inner strength, the power from within that keeps you focused and motivated despite uncertainty and adversity. Let us call it the hidden source.

Yes, you have it within you. We all do. A lot is said and written about inner strength. Some say it is innate and linked to our most pure being, others that it can be developed overtime; others say it represents our soul and spirituality. Regardless of your beliefs, you have this power within you and it is up to you to find that deep connection and live by it.

This hidden source is always there, dancing around and finding its way to express itself. It is present when you keep a promise to your kid or listen to your partner’s opinions even when you disagree. It is present when you stay still and accept your thoughts and emotions. It is present when you start looking for a new job after being laid off or reduce your working hours to spend more time with your family. It is present when you tell a friend that you are proud of them or ask a colleague for help when you are struggling with a task. It is present when you dedicate time to yourself even when you have an endless to do list.

To make it more concrete, let us translate the examples above into 5 main points that may help you connect to your inner strength, your hidden source.

1) Core Values: Staying true to your personal values gives you a clear picture of who you are; a sense of belonging even when facing uncertainty and change.

2) Stillness: Connecting with your thoughts and emotions, gives you the opportunity to identify what works and what no longer serves you. Whatever you decide to keep will feed your inner strength.

3) Routine: Setting priorities and boundaries keeps you in action; action translates into achievement, which boosts your confidence and determination to keep moving forward with renewed energy.

4) Community: Asking for help and support from others – your loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors – reflects into more wisdom and gratitude, feeding the hidden source with energy and hope.

5) Mental & Emotional Wellbeing: Searching for a more balanced and fulfilled life does not have to be a burden. Dedicating time to something you enjoy – even with a busy schedule – helps you to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

Remember that your hidden source is not meant to be hidden from yourself. I strongly encourage you to take the time to connect with your inner strength as often as possible. It definitely requires effort and time, but I promise you will find it – and mostly – feel it rewarding. It is important to keep practicing, especially in challenging times such as these we are going through. No one can take your inner strength, your hidden source from you. Let it shine through your uniqueness!



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