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A game changer: Learn to celebrate your accomplishments

Some of you may be relentless goal seekers. And some of you may just go through the motions.

For those of you who have a clear plan and know in which direction you are going, time is of the essence. You probably spend a considerable number of hours planning your days and weeks, then a bunch of hours following through your plan and the remaining time preparing for the upcoming weeks and months.

In other words, time goes by and before you notice you are already ticking another of your goals whose efforts behind are commendable. I bet your vision board looks impressive as well as your detailed spreadsheets.

May I ask you when was the last time you celebrated any of these uncountable accomplishments?

When have you stopped to congratulate yourself and recognize all your efforts and dedication?

Same question applies to those of you to whom planning does not quite fit into your vocabulary.

You like to let things happen at their own rhythm. It does not mean you are not ambitious or even that you do not have goals. Just that you don't spend a lot of time picturing your desired future nor designing the steps to get yourself there.

No judgement here. Each of us has our own way to live and design our lives.

No matter how you decide what the best approach to fulfill your goals and dreams is, you surely have your deal of accomplishments and successes.

What I am referring to are those moments - small or not - where something you planned or wished for happens. When something to what you dedicated your time and efforts takes place.

When you have a win!

And yes, if you have planned for it you are probably faster to identify these moments since it took your sweat and tears to get there.

Think back at your most recent accomplishment. Can you even remember what was it? Or when it happened? Have you paused for a moment and recognized your efforts? Have you congratulated yourself?

My bet is: none of the above. Or you remember the accomplishment indeed,but felt it was not worthy of celebration. Perhaps it felt too small or irrelevant. Maybe it was unexpected and you let it pass by.

I am here writing about this topic for I wish you to start paying attention. Despite how small or insignificant you may feel about your accomplishments, I invite you for a mindset shift.

You may say or think "what is there to celebrate really?". I tell you: YOU! You are the reason for celebration. Whatever you have accomplished, it was due to your dedication, talents, skills, focus, attitude, efforts, commitment.

Next time you tell yourself "oh, it is nothing. It's not that big of a deal", I want you to try saying instead "I deserve this. Look how far I have come! I am proud of myself!" .

By changing your inner talk, you are attributing yourself the value you deserve as well as building up more confidence and enriching your self-worth.



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