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Blend or Split?

Some days can feel quite exhausting. Among finalizing an important presentation for the quarterly meeting, hosting a dinner to close friends, buying the youngest kid a pair of new shoes, picking a perfect birthday gift to the loved one.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many roles are you filling in your daily routine? As an employee and perhaps a leader, a friend, a parent, a partner. All these roles demand something (sometimes a lot!) from you.

I dare to ask: What do these duties all have in common? YOU! You are the fuel giving motion to these several wheels. My question to you is: Are you living your true self through these several roles? In other words, who is that person behind the scenes. What are this individual’s purpose and values? Are they all aligned with the person you want to be?

Perhaps you would like to take a moment to reflect upon it. And what better time than here and now. Whether you decide for a deep-dive or just a more surface level look, know that it is a valuable gift you are giving yourself: The gift of (re)connecting with yourself. By finding a common ground to these different roles you play, you are making sure that you are in charge. You are the one making the decisions, thereupon accountable for your actions and ultimately for your happiness and success.



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