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Rediscover Myself

Rediscovering yourself is a journey where you are in the driving seat.

What are you about to rediscover?

Image by Daoudi Aissa

Session 1

Know my Values

Core values are principles or beliefs that we as human beings perceive as of utmost importance, the pillars of our own existence and individuality.
We carry them within and they are reflected in our behaviors and decisions. Core values are present when you are talking to your partner, teaching your children, listening to your friends, learning from your peers. Most importantly, core values are there when you make decisions, big or small. You cannot just get rid of them when they make you feel uncomfortable or inadequate.
In this first session we explore and identify your core values, why they are important to you and what role do they play in your life.

Session 2

Connect to my Purpose

Purpose sounds such a big word. Purpose, mission, intention, spark. Regardless of how you name it, it reflects on what you are passionate about. What makes you wake up in the morning, jump out of bed smiling and fills you up with energy and motivation. It is easy to say “I do not know my passion” or “I do not have any purpose”. Is it true though? Perhaps you are still figuring it out. It may be that you have not stopped yet to ask yourself the question or you do not feel ready to listen to the answer. Despite how it looks like for you right now, this second session is about (re)connection. Let us create the space you need to tune in into your inner voice and listen to what it has been trying to tell you.

Image by Ryoji Iwata
Image by Vicky Sim

Session 3

Acknowledge my Strengths

How many times have you sat down for an interview and were asked about your strengths and your weaknesses? No matter how well prepared you are, it always feels like a tricky question. Who wants to expose their weak spots on a first job interview?
Knowing your weaknesses – or less strong traits - serves as an advantage for your self-development and growth. Though acknowledging your strengths is where the secret lies. Recognizing your strengths, exploring how they are linked to your core values, allows you to develop a unique set of skills. In session 3 we explore your strengths and learn how to translate them into skills to be applied to your personal and professional life despite where you find yourself.


Session 4

Expand my Toolbox

Toolbox may sound a weird term to use in this context as we usually picture a case full of tools to fix something around. Within the realm of personal development, a toolbox refers to the resources and strategies you use whenever in need to develop yourself and to help you achieve your goals and dreams. How does your toolbox look like at the moment? Are there any tools lacking?

During session 4 we take a look inside and identify which tools have proven to be successful so far, which tools no longer serve you and which ones are still missing from the box.

Image by Anne Nygård
Light Bulb

Session 5

Tune my Mindset

I am doing everything right, why is it not working out for me? If you ever asked yourself this question you are already taking one step ahead. You are questioning yourself. To which voice are you listening to though? Your critical inner voice may sound wise and realistic, but it is actually the one trying to make you safe. It serves its purpose to some extent, but it is preventing you from taking the leap, to move out of your comfort zone and achieve all your big dreams. In session 5 you learn how to tune into your inner hero, the one who acknowledges your needs, knows your strengths and reminds you how it feels to believe in yourself.

Session 6

Take action

Often it is not about what you do not have, it is how you are not playing it to your advantage.
You have come a long way to rediscover yourself, to reconnect to your needs and wants. It is all there from the start – your values, your purpose, your strengths, your skills. They are what makes you unique. What now? Now is time for action. Your goals and your dreams can only turn into reality when you take action. Session 6 focus on what you are learning about yourself and how can you put it into practice. It is the end? No way! It is work in progress as you learn and grow along your journey. You will keep moving forward, even if you have to take a few steps back to reconnect and rediscover to what is coming next.

Image by Kid Circus

6 Monthly payments of €115

One-time payment of €630

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