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Accepting yourself is about embracing who you are.

What are you ready to accept?

Image by Chris J. Davis

Session 1

Self-awareness: Acknowledging the situation

You wake up one day feeling loss or stuck, wondering how have you end up where you are. It may be that something big is taking place in your life whose impact has triggered you. Or it may happen that something or someone – including yourself - made you stop and take a hard look at your life. Whatever your reality looks like there is no way to avoid or ignore it.

In our first session together we create the space and time to acknowledge the situation you are going through increasing your self-awareness in the different areas of your life.

Session 2

Self-compassion: Dealing with emotions

Change triggers a range of emotions. Our resistance to change is human, though only by going through it growth takes place. Wherever you find yourself in the process, dealing with your emotions allows you to face your fears and self-doubt. Learning how to better deal with your emotions is also about showing compassion. How hard are you being on yourself? How can you practice more self-compassion? During session 2 we identify and explore your feelings and which ones are getting in the way of your transition.

Image by Saiph Muhammad
Image by Matt Walsh

Session 3

Self-assurance: Asking the tough questions

Now that you have established your emotional robustness – at least for the present moment – it is time to ask yourself the tough questions. What have you been avoiding asking yourself? What have you been afraid of saying out loud? Let us see what we can find out when self-judgement and guilt are put aside. Session 3 focuses on learning and questioning your limiting-beliefs, the ones preventing you from pursuing your needs and your goals.

Session 4

Self-acceptance: Accepting who you are

There are parts of us easier to feel proud of and accept. What about the other parts, the ones we are ashamed of and hide from everyone else including ourselves? The first step for acceptance involves laying out all those bits and pieces that make you who you are. It is about bringing that self-awareness with a compassionate look. In session 4 we continue the journey by taking a deep look within connecting with your true self. Peeling the layers to reach your core and learn how to embrace who you are.

Image by Dewang Gupta
Image by Anne Nygård

Session 5

Self-confidence: Building resilience

When you connect with your true self magic happens. You leave behind worries, self-judgement, guilt, fear and listen to your inner voice. You silence the outer noise and allow yourself to listen deeper and clearer. During session 5 you learn how to tune into your inner hero, your place of wisdom, strength and confidence. By turning up the volume of your inner hero you are awakening the power within, uncovering your untapped potential.

Session 6

Self-determination: Moving forward

A journey is about moving ahead to the next destination. Same is true with your personal development journey. As you learn about yourself along the way, you change, you grow. You move forward while transitioning into the next better version of yourself. Every time you step forward you are closer to where you want to be. Session 6 focuses on strategies to boost your confidence and determination to carry with you wherever you go. It is not the end, rather a new beginning.

Image by Khadeeja Yasser

6 Monthly payments of €115

One-time payment of €630

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