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In confinement: How to stay focused?

In the current chaos we’re all living in, we’ve been told to protect ours and others’ health by staying at home and going out only for the strictly necessary. Grocery shopping, pick-up pharmacy goods, going out on our mental sanity walk or run. Being at home may has its advantages and may even make us feel comfortable, at least during the first couple of days. No traffic jam, extra sleeping time in the morning, casual wear the whole week. Though how long does this coziness feeling last? Independently of a noisy house full of kids running around or an empty home surrounded by silent walls, it is hard to picture an indoor life with no end in sight.

As social beings, this reclusion feels somehow strangling. As time goes by and confinement extends, we’ve probably already wondered about the impact it has and will continue having on our physical and mental health. What can you do to ensure our well-being? How can you use this situation in your favor? There is a famous saying I’m sure all of you know - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You’re probably asking “Where the heck are the lemons? And even if I find them what good do they serve me?”. It all comes down to which lenses are you choosing to wear. In times of adversity and uncertainty, you can continue using the same old lemons and probably still make a decent lemonade. Or you can pick fresh lemons and make it your own taste.

Who is in charge of your well-being? What can you do NOW to keep physically and mentally healthy? Taking the time to focus on yourself, identifying your needs and establishing a few specific goals may help you develop the sense of assurance you need right now. Piece of cake? Not really. Attainable? For sure! NOW is the moment to let go of the same old excuses and work on yourself. NOW is the time to choose the fine ingredients to give that lemonade a remarkable twirl!

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