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Future version of yourself: What would it say to you?

Have you ever dreamed about your future? Once in a blue moon I wake up in the middle of the night sweating, my heart racing, my mouth dry. In this dream I had sort of a vision. Despite a vague image, I remember being myself a couple of years from now. A mix of excitement and edginess facing this future me version. Almost a sense of enlightenment, though barely lasting more than 5 seconds before reality hits me again.

Regardless of such experience, imagine you are face-to-face with the future version of yourself. This future YOU is confident, more mature, wiser. It’s living the life you always dreamed of. It does not live in fear nor doubt, rather courageously purses the goals and opportunities as they arise. It celebrates every deserved achievement nourishing inner peace and balance.

Take a moment to assimilate the above portrait. Let it speak to you, connect with your inner Self. And when you are ready, listen to what the future version of yourself has to say to you. Are you willing to listen? Listen deeply with all your senses. What is it telling you? Are you open to take advice? What are you hearing and learning about yourself?

Here we let the future communicate with the present. Not because our past is irrelevant, on the contrary - often it weighs too much clouding our vision and limiting our potential. Today you connect with the ‘tomorrow you’ aiming to learn from it, grow with it and reach to it. Do you have to wait 5 years to be happy? Or to have a job you love? Do you need 10 years to get a promotion or start your own business? Are you willing to wait 15 or 20 years to be living the life you are dreaming about now? How would you know if it’d still be worth it after so long?

Your future starts now, so stop making excuses and put your goals into action. Intention is a great first step but setting the wheels in motion is what takes you to your purpose. If you take-away anything from the exercise above, let it be that - You decide when and how you are living your dreams, instead of just dreaming them.



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